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Cheese Board

This unique pottery board is a wonderful display for serving an array of delicious meats, cheeses and fruits. Please do NOT slice cheese or cut anything on this board.

Cheese Board

This unique pottery board is a wonderful display for serving an array of delicious meats, cheeses and fruits or cheese ball and crackers. Be careful when slicing or cutting on this board ... it is pottery.

Small Oblong Dish

One of this year's favorite new serving pieces. Great organic piece!

Deep Dish Pie Baker

Deep enough for a nice cobbler or casserole.

Medium Square Bowl

10" Square bowl for serving everyday.

Chip & Dip

This plate and dip bowl have been combined into one piece make a sweet serving piece. Pictured in Birch Glaze.

Relish Dish

Three compartment dish perfect for serving olives, pickles, deviled eggs or burger fixings.


Our largest bowl ~ deep square with elegant artisan edging-- perfect for serving a crowd or displaying as a statement piece.

Party Platter

LARGE Five compartment appetizer party platter is grand in size and presentation. Approximately 15"

Oblong Serving Piece

Each piece is unique and a piece of functional art.


This unique wavy bowl is approximately 10" and a couple inches deep. Shown in Opal Gray!

Sugar Bowl

Sugar Bowl w/ Lid ~ Each one has unique hand painted characteristics.


Etta B Creamer ~ Each one unique with hand painted details.

Mixing Bowl ~ Small

Our Small Mixing Bowl is approximately inches across and inches deep.

Mixing Bowl ~ Medium

Medium Mixing Bowl is 4.5" deep and 8" across.

Mixing Bowl ~ Large

Large Mixing Bowl is 5.5" deep and 10.5" across.

Large Fruit Bowl

Large Bowl with slight waves, similar to our large lace bowl but smooth with our hand glazed details.

Popcorn Bowl

Deep Popcorn Bowl.

Cake Stand

You will LOVE our new cake stand for displaying and serving!

Vegetable Bowl

Useful bowl for lots of serving needs.


11" Simply Rectangle Baker.

Bread Tray Smooth

Nice long bread tray.


10"x14" Large Casserole Dish.

Oval Dish w/ Draping Handles

Nice size oval casserole with arched handles that cradle in your hands for easy in and out of the oven and serving.

Round Platter Open Handles

Your customers will love this useful platter with cut out open handles.

Rectangle Platter Open Handles

New organic shape rectangle platter with cut out open handles, perfect serving size at approximately 14 inches.

Oval Serving Bowl

Organic 11" oval serving bowl ~ best seller.

Square Baker

8" Simply Square Baking Dish.


11" Divided tray.


Gorgeous 16" Rectangle Scalloped Platter.

Small Oval Bowl

Simply 9" Oval Bowl ~ best seller.


18" Simply Bread Boat.


15" Scalloped Oval Platter with elegant gathered edging.


13" Round Simply Platter.


14" Deep Square Bowl.

Wavy Chip & Dip

We've brought back this Best Seller!

Grand Oval

This extra large oval serving dish is definitely GRAND! Approximately 20" with nice pulled up sides. Each one is a unique statement piece of Organic Elegance.

Square Platter

Large unique square platter approximately 13".

Large Pasta Bowl

We've created a wonderful large serving bowl for all your entertaining needs. A must for any new bride or the Etta B Collector. Approximately 17" and 2.5" deep.

Rectangle Tray w/ Handles

The Organic flow makes this handled Rectangle tray unique in form and function.

Long Oval Dish

Long Oval serving dish approximately 17'.

Large Rectangle Platter

Perfect serving tray approximately 16".

Cheeseball & Cracker Dish

Cheeseball & Cracker Dish is great for serving your family & friends.

Cracker Sleeve/Olive Tray

This simple tray will serve a sleeve of crackers (almost two sleeves) beautifully or even a nice tray of olives. Not available in Blue Glaze. Approximately 14".

Lace Bread Boat

Our best selling bread boat featured in our Gray Lace and Pearl Lace.

Mini Casserole

This smaller version of our casserole will hold 4 to 6 servings.

Organic Serving Boat

Extra large organic shaped serving boat.

Scalloped Baker

Our square baker with a scalloped edge.